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The 9 0 # phone scam

How it works:

You receive a call from a person claiming to be a telecom firm employee. The person will ask you to help solve some technical problem by dialing 9-0-#, or by transferring him to an outside line before hanging up the phone. By doing this you may be enabling this person to make calls using your phone line and charged on your phone bill. One thing you should know is that phone companies' employess would never ask you to dial a specific series of digits when checking for technical, or other problems with your line, nor would they ask you to transfer them to an outside line.

How to avoid falling for this scam:

  • ask the caller for his name and telephone number
  • never dial any numbers just because someone said so
  • inform the caller that you are going to call the phone company to see if there are problems with your line
  • call your phone company and tell them about the suspicious call
  • contact your law enforcement officials
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